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Zamora y alrededores

Scenery dominated by the river Duero. Riverside vegetation.

Zamora y alrededores

Panorámica de Zamora. Click here to render a high resolution image. This link opens in a popup window Zamora stands on the Ruta de la Plata and is famous for the Romanesque monuments that grace its streets and squares. Nearby are important towns such as La Hiniesta. There are other monumental villages, such as El Perdigón, or pottery centres such as Pereruela. This is an area of vineyards and wine, with rich orchards, the gateway to Zamora, one of the most impressive medieval towns in Castilla y León.

Tourist information

The capital, Zamora, stands to the west of the autonomous region of Castilla y León.
Hotels and hostels.
Tapas, garlic soup, "dos y pingada" (eggs and ham), rice "a la zamorana", roast suckling-pig, codfish "al ajo arriero", ring-shaped almond pastry from las Dueñas.
Pottery, wood, vegetal fibres, jewellery, metal.
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