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Catedral de Zamora

Oriental culture is found on the transept of a Romanesque church

The famous Byzantine copula that can be seen from all over the city, is one of the most original creations of Hispanic medieval art and would influence the style of the Colegiata de Toro(Zamora) and the Catedral Vieja de Salamanca. This famous dome built with sheets of stone is one of the most breathtaking constructions of Spanish and European Romanism and has oriental influences.

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The synchronism of styles (Romanesque, Byzantine and Herreran) of the Cathedral is evident in every corner. Named the Perla del Duero, this Romanesque building was built in the 12th century and preserves a Romanesque door of great importance , the Puerta del Obispo, which has impressive sculptured ornaments. It is amazing to see a magnitude of details which still remain such as the primitive Romanesque apses and the original exterior roof of the naves.

It was founded by Alfonso VII and consecrated in 1175 after 25 years work. The church is dedicated to the Transfiguration and has an important cathedral museum. It was declared Of Cultural Interest in 1889. Of the three primitive doors only the middle door, the Puerta del Obispo remains and the apses were replaced by Gothic ones and the Cloister was rebuilt in Herreran style in the 17th century.

In the interior there is a statue of Nuestra Señora de la Majestad of the 13th century. The choir stalls , carved in wood by Juan de Bruselas has 80 on the top row and 38 on the lower. Do not miss the Cristo de las Injurias or the altarpiece of the main chapel, in Baroque style.
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As regards the chapels the San Ildefonso is noteworthy due to its painted murals and the Cristo de las Injurias. The 16th century railings, the Gothic effigy of the Virgin and the 17th century cloister are all noteworthy.

The exterior preserves the original portal, the Puerta del Obispo that has beautiful sculptures and a square tower. The dome is drum shaped and has 16 narrow windows with small towers on the angles and covered with sheets of stone. Of Byzantine influence it is along the lines of the Torre de Gallo in Salamanca.

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 12th Century


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