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Monasterio de San Marcos

Hostal San Marcos e Iglesia, Leon. Click here to render a high resolution image. This link opens in a popup window The 12th century hostel rebuilt in the 16th century, was used as a prison (Francisco de Quevedo was imprisoned here), cavalry barracks, and hospital. Nowadays it is a Parador Nacional (a state-owned hotel).

To be noted is the Plateresque facade; Juan de Juni and Pedro Larrea took part in its construction.

The church and the cloister are also very interesting.

The church is of Gothic style. It has a remarkable choir and a vestry by Juan de Badajoz.

San Marcos is now home to the Museo de León, keeping remains and works of great historical and artistic value, amongst them is the Cristo de Carrizo, a spiritual figure from the 11th century, and some prehistoric, Roman and medieval works of art.

Roman mosaics, a Mozarabic Cross, a Romanesque ivory Christ, together with the collection of the cloister tombstones.

The Roman epigraph collection is one of the most important in Spain.

Historical information

BIC date:
 12th Century

Access and use

NoAccommodation / restaurants
NoPrivate property
NoInteresting monument
YesVisits allowed


Del 1 Octubre al 30 de abril
M a S de 10-14 // 16:30-20
D y F de 10-14
L cerrado, incluso si es festivo.

Del 1 Mayo al 30 de Septiembre
M a S de 10-14 // 17-20:30
D y F de 10-14
L cerrado, incluso si es festivo

Cerrado los días 24 y 31 de Diciembre.


 Pza. San Marcos, 7
 987 23 73 00

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