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Estalactitas interiores The orography of Castilla y León has given rise to numerous caverns, making it a paradise for lovers of these subterranean cavities. Situated in the heart of the mountain ranges, near natural spots of great heritage value, these caves offer a true spectacle buried deep in the earth. The action of water and the passage of time over centuries have created galleries of fantastic shapes, 1,000-year-old stalactites, natural passages, large caverns, and interior corridors hidden from sunlight, which have now been recovered for the tourist's enjoyment. A landscape halted in time within its own ecosystem, only accessible through the imagination, which really comes to life when the artificial lights are turned off.

All the provinces of Castilla y León, except for Valladolid, have extensive mountain zones that enable the practice of speleology by tourists, an activity combining both sport and leisure. Speleology, or potholing, consists of entering subterranean cavities, whilst overcoming natural obstacles, such as underground rivers and wells, with the help of specialized tools. Given the risk entailed, it is advisable to contact professional companies that offer speleological activities for tourists and know the interior of these caves, in order to avoid unpleasant accidents. For this reason, before leaving home, we advise speleology fans to contact professionals, such as the companies belonging to the Federación Castellano Leonesa de Espeleología ("Speleology Federation of Castilla y León"), based in Valladolid.