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Estaciones invernales de Castilla y León
Castilla y León es vida. Información Turística: 902 20 30 30
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Active tourism


Puenting Castilla y León is the ideal place to practise active-tourism activities, complementing the interior wealth of the region, due to its rich mountain geography, natural spaces, rivers, valleys, scarped mountains, caves, gorges, extensive plains, in short: the diversity of its overwhelming landscape.

In Castilla y León, the active tourist offer is completed with the accommodation available in the rural surroundings. Horse-riding, potholing, climbing, water-skiing, paragliding, ballooning and canoeing add to the innumerable list of sports of a land, equestrian, snow, water and air-type offered by the companies in Castilla y León.

Activities all of which combine leisure and nature in an impressive landscape drawn by scarped mountains, serene valleys, mountain passes and forests with an incredible wealth of fauna and flora.

Today Castilla y León's active tourism companies allow the Escalada deportiva en Valdehuesa (León) traveller to combine their stay in rural accommodation, set in places of unique beauty, with the practise of such activities aimed at persons of all ages.

Regardless of the traveller's physical condition, they shall find in Castilla y León all kinds of activity that no doubt fit their tastes and possibilities, thanks to the impressive list of activities forming the offer, combining: leisure, nature, heritage and emotion in a region which, because it is the largest in Europe, has an overwhelming list of possibilities and superbly attractive spots.