Its origin is located between the XII and XIII centuries. It was built for defensive reasons, to control the route which connected Ciudad Rodrigo with Avila.

In 1393, Enrique III granted the manor of the Puente del Congosto to Gil Gonzalez Davila, which rebuilt the castle, which would be Posada Real. The Duke of Alba bought the castle to the Emperor Carlos in 1539, adding to the rectangular tower the large cube gives to the building most uniqueness.

Datos Históricos

Castillo / Fortaleza / Atalaya


Castillo, 14. Puente del Congosto. 37748 Salamanca.

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Tourist Office of Salamanca


P/ Mayor, 32. Salamanca. 37002 Salamanca.

Telephone: 902 302 002 / 923 218 342

Fax: 923 263 409



Remarks: Private. It is only possible visit outside.

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