The southern districts of Salas, Villar and Lombillo, all part of the municipality of Ponferrada and nestling in the hillsides overlooking the valleys of Compludo and Vaduenza, boast privileged views of the Lower Bierzo region and the Sil Basin. A region of fertile lands, they could well be the ‘fertile gardens’ that Pliny wrote of. Chestnut trees, cork oaks, walnut trees, poplars, willows, ashes and fruit trees form a dense mantle covering the meadows and riverbanks.

The town’s historic heritage includes the Roman temple to Mercury, traces of the wall that originally surrounded the original site, known as ‘Salas’, and the ruins of a castle that could have been a temple. In addition to a large number of emblazoned houses, other notable buildings include the Church of San Martín, which would later become the priory of the 11th century Monastery of Compludo, which was renovated and extended in the 16th century. It still conserves the apse and west door, made up of a double semi-circular arch. A place of immense historic and natural value.