The basilica is the most important and representative manifestation of Spanish Visigothic art. It dates from 661 and it was founded by Recesvint, using the previous Roman remains.

The walls are built with large stone blocks without mortar. Four columns support the arches separating the naves. The sculpted decoration is relatively classic, traditional and austere, it includes eight Corinthian capitals. Above the main arch is a tombstone with the consecrating inscription of the king Recesvint.

Datos Históricos

Arquitectura Religiosa
Estilos predominantes:
Hispanovisigodo, Románico, Gótico
Periodo Histórico:
Visigodo, Edad Media


Ermita, 13. Baños de Cerrato (Venta de Baños). 34200 Palencia.

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Municipality of Venta de Baños. Palencia.

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Remarks: Groups by appointment Tel: 628 72 08 85. During the celebrations of liturgies can not be visited. Free entrance Wednesdays. Groups are considered more than 10 people.

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