The tour includes all the process of elaboration of bread, starting from the grinding of grain, kneaded and baked in a traditional oven. It also shows various hurdy-gurdy recovered and juniper wood watches made by the same owner of the mill...


Ctra N-110. Matamala (Matabuena). 40163 Segovia.

Teléfono: 699 060 143

Más Información

Ayuntamiento of Matabuena


Municipality of Matabuena. Segovia.

Teléfono: 921 504 001

Fax: 921 504 001

Tourist Office Regional of Segovia


P/ Mayor, 10. Segovia. 40001 Segovia.

Telephone: 921 460 334

Fax: 921 460 330


Opening hours

  • Every day: book visit in advance


3 €

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