It is located in the old company store of the railroad of La Robla-Bilbao. The building houses a wide range of objects that accompanied the life of workers of the railway, from the assembly of the tracks to the Office of the Chief of Station. It also presents a projection summarizing the more than 100 years of life of the railway Hullero.


Camino de Santa Bárbara, s/n. Cistierna. 24800 León.

Teléfono: 987 700 002

Fax: 987 700 009


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Ayuntamiento of Cistierna


Municipality of Cistierna. León.

Teléfono: 987 700 001

Fax: 987 700 009


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Tourist Office Regional of León


Pza. de Regla, 2. León. 24003 León.

Telephone: 987 237 082

Fax: 987 273 391


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