The Estola del Milagro has been housed here since October 2000. Before it belonged to the Familia Sobrino Muñoz.

It consists of a strip of material 2 metres in length used by the priest over his vestments during liturgical rites. The stole bore witness to a miracle that took place in Frómista in 1453 when a priest wasn't able to remove the Communion from the paten to give to an excommunicated Jew.


Iglesia de San Pedro. Avda. Ejército español s/n. Frómista. 34440 Palencia.

Teléfono: 979 810 144

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Oficina de Turismo of Frómista


C/ Ingeniero Rivera s/n. Frómista. 34440 Palencia.

Teléfono: 979 810 180

Tourist Office of Frómista


C/ Francesa, 41. Frómista. 34440 Palencia.

Telephone: 979 810 128

Fax: 979 810 199


Tourist Office Regional of Palencia


C/ Mayor, 31. Palencia. 34001 Palencia.

Telephone: 979 706 523

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