The Sierra de Candelario, Béjar y Solana is an old Palaeozoic mountain mass belonging to the Cordillera Central that rises to the West of the Sierra de Gredos. This beautiful and diverse landscape is the result of intense modelling of different types, both glacial and fluvial. Glacial action gave rise to cirques and lakes, whilst rivers have created deep valleys full of leafy woods of chestnut and Pyrenean oak.

In the peaks of the Sierra de Candelario there are various endemic botanical species. Highlights of this area's fauna include several bird of prey species and the almost certain presence of the Iberian Lynx.

Set in an indescribable mountain region and surrounded by thick chestnut trees and oak woods.

Enviromental Areas

Wild boar and various birds of prey.
Glacial modelling of granite rock has given rise to sharp relief.
The lower zones are covered by Pyrenean oak and chestnut trees, as well as holm oaks and alders. The peaks are covered by mountain pastures.



Category: Natural Space (10,698 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Salamanca:
  • Béjar,
  • Candelario,
  • Cantagallo,
  • La Hoya,
  • Navacarros,
  • Puerto de Béjar,
  • Vallejera de Riofrío