The beech woods of the Segovian side of the Ayllón massif are the southernmost forests of this species in Europe, along with those in Madrid, Guadalajara, Tarragona and Sicily.

Their great bio-geographical interest, along with the beautiful landscape in which they grow, make these pine woods an important area of investigation and an obligatory visit for those wishing to understand the world of flora in the Iberian peninsular. Mountain ash, oak, holly, birch and yew grow alongside the beech trees, further enriching this privileged natural space. Very nearby is the beautiful town of Riaza, immersed with the typical flavour of popular mountain architecture.

Enviromental Areas

Roe deer, wild boar, marten, otter and different forest-habiting birds of prey.
Steep slopes corresponding to the northern side of the Sierra de Ayllón.
Represents one of the southernmost beech woods in the world.


Category: Natural Space (1,844 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Segovia:
  • Riofrío de Riaza