Quilamas Nature Space is situated in the south of the province of Salamanca in a magnificent setting in the upper basin of the River Alagón, a mountainous landscape made up of the Quilama, Tamames and Valero ranges. A site of sharp contrasts formed by the steep and rugged mountain faces and the terraces planted with crops.

The forest mass features oak woods and magnificent holly bushes, chestnut groves and other clearly Mediterranean species. It is home to a wealth of fauna that thrive in the isolated environment that characterises many of these valleys. A stunning natural setting where erosion during the Silurian period shaped rounded slopes and the narrow valleys between which streams such as Quilamas and Palía run. Indeed, the space takes its name from this essential natural resource.

Enviromental Areas

Black vulture, black stork, peregrine falcon, otter, wildcat, small-spotted genet, beech marten and badger.
Middle mountain area, where erosion has produced lomas rounded and narrow valleys.
Heathland, holm oaks, oaks, corks and strawberry trees.


Category: Natural Space (10,263 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Salamanca:
  • La Bastida,
  • Cilleros de la Bastida,
  • Linares de Riofrío,
  • Navarredonda de la Rinconada,
  • La Rinconada de la Sierra,
  • San Esteban de la Sierra,
  • San Miguel de Valero,
  • Valero