Lying to the far southeast of the province of Burgos, on the border with Soria and La Rioja, La Demanda mountains form a nature space nestling around three mountain ranges - San Millán, Mencilla and Neila. A stunning landscape as well as one of the richest ecological areas in Spain that is worthy of conservation and protection.

Beech and holm oak woods, together with vast expanses of black pine forests, dotted with large patches of holly bushes, form a magnificent habitat for wolves, deer, wildcats, badgers, otters, the small Pyrenean desman and numerous birds of prey.

A superb setting featuring stunning scenery such as the grasslands of Huerta de Arriba or Tolbaños de Abajo, and the Río Frío valley.

Visitor Centre

House of the Madera

One of the most striking aspects of the Visitor Centre is the clever use of materials taken from the forests themselves: pinewood from Soria and Burgos and sandstone ’ two fine materials that play an essential role in the region’s economy. Inside, the centre features several training and meeting rooms, workshops and also viewpoints looking out over the magnificent open fields of Revenga and the forests, offering visitors the chance to admire some breathtaking scenery.

Address: CL-117 Km 27,5. Comunero de Revenga (Quintanar de la Sierra). 09670 Burgos.

Telephone: 947 395 948



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Enviromental Areas

Wolf, deer, roe deer, wild boar, otter, wildcat, badger, desman, golden eagle, short-toed eagle and booted eagle, goshawk, honey buzzard, common partridge, and tree creeper.
Ancient mountain massifs. Palaeozoic, Triassic and Jurassic materials predominant.
Woods of beech, oak, Pyrenean oak, birch, holly and Scots pine. Endemic botanical species.



Category: Natural Space (72,523 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Burgos:
  • Barbadillo de Herreros,
  • Canicosa de la Sierra,
  • Fresneda de la Sierra Tirón,
  • Huerta de Arriba,
  • Monterrubio de la Demanda,
  • Palacios de la Sierra,
  • Pineda de la Sierra,
  • Pradoluengo,
  • Quintanar de la Sierra,
  • Riocavado de la Sierra,
  • Rábanos,
  • Santa Cruz del Valle Urbión,
  • Valle de Valdelaguna,
  • Valmala,
  • Villagalijo,
  • Villasur de Herreros
  • Vilviestre del Pinar