A building designed to meet a two-fold function as a visitor centre and also a shelter for the autochthonous white-clawed crayfish, a protected endangered species. It is also a reception centre for tourists, and houses a restaurant and various exhibition spaces, where visitors can learn about the riverbank ecosystems on high, middle and low ground. Here, the flora and fauna such as otters, wagtails, newts, trout and bermejuela fish accompany the permanent residents of this centre, the autochthonous crayfish, which can be observed as they search for food and shelter at the bottom of the aquarium.


C/ Luis Gonzalez s/n. Herrera de Pisuerga. 34400 Palencia.

Teléfono: 979 187 936 / 625 469 326

Email: cp.cangrejo@patrimonionatural.org

Página Web: http://www.patrimonionatural.org/casas.php?id_casa=175

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Tourist Office of Herrera de Pisuerga


Paseo de los Tilos,1. Herrera de Pisuerga. 34400 Palencia.

Telephone: 979 140 096 / 645 885 566

Email: turismo@herreradepisuerga.org

Website: http://www.herreradepisuerga.org

Tourist Office Regional of Palencia


C/ Mayor, 31. Palencia. 34001 Palencia.

Telephone: 979 706 523

Fax: 979 706 525

Email: oficinadeturismodepalencia@jcyl.es

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