The River Tagus is the longest River flowing across Portugal. Its source is in Spain and the river travels a great distance before reaching Portuguese territory, where it establishes the frontier between the two countries over a 50 km stretch that has been classified as a Natural Park, before continuing its journey to the river’s estuary mouth in Oeiras, close to Lisbon.

The Natural Park encompasses a portion of the municipalities of Castelo Branco and Idanha-a-Nova, in a transition zone between the mountains of the Centro de Portugal region and the plains of the Alentejo. Here we find valleys with sharp slopes that provide a spectacular natural setting next to the River Tagus and the streams that flow into it (Pônsul, Erges and Aravil), where around 154 bird species make their nests, that have been classified by the Park. This zone is excellent for birdwatching. It's possible to see colonies of black storks (the Park’s symbol), eagles and eagle owls. But those who are looking for more active tourism activities, may opt for pedestrian walks or BTT rides, mountain climbing or canoeing.

The diversity of its exceptional natural heritage is due to the harmonious coexistence with human activities such as agriculture and pastoral activities. Regional products are of fine quality, in particular pure honey, olive oil, home-made bread or cheeses, made using traditional techniques, that may be purchased directly from the producer.


Category: Natural Park (51 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Castelo Branco:
  • Castelo Branco,
  • Idanha-a-Nova,
  • Vila Velha de Ródão

Address: Av. do Empresário, Praça Nercab - 6000-767 CASTELO BRANCO


Phone: +351 272 348 140

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