The Paul de Arzila Nature Reserve was created in order to protect an important internationally recognized marshland zone in Ribeira de Cernache, next to the River Mondego. The zone encompasses part of the municipalities of Coimbra, Condeixa and Montemor-o-velho and includes the valleys of Moinhos, Meio and Costa and a forestry area.

As the name Paul (marshland) indicates this is a zone whose main characteristic is the abundance of water. It has produced a highly diversified range of vegetation that attracts a large number of animal species. The local fauna includes birds such as ducks and various types of herons that build their nests in the area, including the red heron, which has been chosen as the symbol of the Nature Reserve.

Certain birds live here permanently, while others only stay during certain seasons of the year, and others pass through the Paul da Arzila zone in their migratory routes and find shelter and foodstuffs in this zone.

If you have a two-hour period to visit the Nature Reserve, contact the Interpretation Centre and follow the recommended 3 km itinerary.


Category: Natural Reserve (535 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Coimbra:
  • Coimbra,
  • Condeixa-a-Nova
  • Montemor-o-Velho

Address: Rua do Bairro, 1, Arzila 3045-356 COIMBRA


Phone: +351 239 980 500

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