Calatañazor is a fortified town, canvases of the wall are preserved in the northwest and south, drums and a small gate. The original construction dates from the s. XII and reached in some sections 18 meters thick.

The 12th century castle was renovated in the 14th century. In a state of consolidated ruin, it conserves some canvases and part of the keep, from where impressive views can be achieved. On the northwest side, the most sensitive part of the fortress, it has a moat, while on the valley of the Blood the height of the cliffs itself offers sufficient protection.

Under the castle there is a late medieval necropolis with three anthropomorphic tombs, which can be dated from the 10th century. The Roman road from Astorga to Zaragoza circulated not far away.

Historical Data

Civil engineering
Castle / Fortress / Watchtower
Historical Period:
Middle Ages


Calatañazor. 42193 Soria.

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