It is dedicated to the palaeontologist Emiliano Aguirre, father of scientific excavations in Atapuerca. In the glass cabinets are some original pieces, replicas of tools and human fossils, mockups, as well as panelling where the keys of the site are explicated.


Carretera Logroño 39. Ibeas de Juarros. Burgos.

Telephone: 902 024 246

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Ayuntamiento of Ibeas de Juarros


Municipality of Ibeas de Juarros. Burgos.

Teléfono: 947 421 005


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Tourist Office Regional of Burgos


Pza. Alonso Martínez, 7. Burgos. 09003 Burgos.

Telephone: 947 203 125

Fax: 947 276 529


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  • From March, 1 to June, 30:
    • Saturdays and sundays: book visit in advance
  • Summer (July, 1 – September, 30):
    • Every day: book visit in advance
  • From October, 1 to December, 31:
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Archeological sites of Atapuerca

This is one of the world’s most important archaeological sites, questioning previous suppositions regarding the very nature of the evolution of our species, and providing a new perspective to our ’family[...]

Address: Atapuerca. 09199 Burgos.

Telephone: 947 421 000

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