The origin of the party is basically similar to that of the typical carnivals, although with the logical peculiarities that each festival of each locality has. The symbolic difference with respect to other carnivals is in the substitution of the sardine for the cookie; Another possible characteristic of the event with respect to other carnivals is that a person who participates in the various and numerous competitions that are part of the event, could get to use a minimum of five different disguises.

On Saturday night there is a carnival parade with a show of fire, dance, varied floats and chords to what the event means, zancudos, circus performances, theatrical performances, charangas, batucadas (similar to the Brazilian samba dance), skating performances and collective dances, etc., closing the procession the wagon of the biscuit.

General information

General information:
Castilla y León Tourist Interest
It starts on the Friday before Ash Wednesday and ends on the following Tuesday.
Kind of Festivity:


Aguilar de Campoo. Palencia.

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