The industrial heritage is an important chance of development and future, it is thus necessary to work to drive economic activities that revolve around the industrial heritage of Castilla y Leon, recovering it for new uses and linking it to a tourist offer.

Mining towns (Fabero) or textiles (Bejar or Val de San Lorenzo), resin withdrawer regions and timber regions (the land of pine in Segovia and Soria), old crafts and pre-industrial technologies (lime kilns, brick constructions where resin is burnt, shearing, sinks ...), waterways and rivers surrounded by fishmeal factories, mills and tucking, foundry and trip hammer are attractive remnants of the industrial past of the region, which enable a new look.

Castilla y Leon has two enormous works of Roman engineering, and that are also World Heritage by UNESCO: Las Medulas, Roman gold mines in the province of Leon (1997), and the Aqueduct of Segovia (1985), examples of technology and landscape illustrating a stage of development of mankind.