At the Cheese Museum, visitors will be able to see the evolution of the process of cheese making in this artisan and family factory.

Four generations of the Chillón family dedicated for more than 125 years to the elaboration of sheep cheese and are now reflected in this Museum.

An exciting journey recalling the artisan work of cheese making that all livestock families and in particular ours, were made in their villages.

The visit ends with a wide tasting of seven kinds of cheeses of raw milk of sheep, sausages and wine reserve D.O. Toro.


Ctra. Tordesillas, km 11. Toro. Zamora.

Telephone: 980 690 950 / 651 400 707 / 637 079 717 / 655 555 253

Fax: 980 693 390



More information

Tourist Office of Toro


Plaza Mayor, 6. Toro. 49800 Zamora.

Telephone: 980 694 747



Tourist Office Regional of Zamora


Avda. Principe de Asturias, 1. Zamora. 49012 Zamora.

Telephone: 980 531 845



Opening hours

  • From May, 25 to May, 31:
    • Monday to saturday:
    • Sunday: book visit in advance
  • From June, 1 to December, 31:
    • Monday to saturday:
    • Closed: sundays and holidays
    • Closed in the afternoon: saturday


3 € (Check availability)

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