The Comarcal Ethnographic Museum is testimony of the inhabitants of the Tábara Region, mostly and of a good part of those of the Province of Zamora. The numerous pieces on display fulfill an informative function about the customs and way of living of our ancestors. All the objects that we find here have been used in the so-called «Casa de Labranza» in all its dependencies: kitchen, rooms, corral, cellar, vegetable garden and land. These pieces are completed with the so-called Exterior Museum-, a compilation of farm tools and implements, such as cart wheels, seed covers, winnowing machine, threshing machine, threshing machine, rustic winery, etc.

Santa Eulalia de Tábara also has an exhibition hall where photography, traditional clothing, carving, woodwork and painting, among others, are temporarily exhibited.


C/ La Fuente, 3. Santa Eulalia de Tábara (Moreruela de Tábara). 49148 Zamora.

Telephone: 980 595 473



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Ayuntamiento of Moreruela de Tábara


Plaza Mayor, s/n. Municipality of Moreruela de Tábara. Zamora.

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Oficina de Turismo Regional of Zamora


Avda. Principe de Asturias, 1. Zamora. 49012 Zamora.

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  • Saturdays and sundays: 17:00 – 19:00


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