Near the Stone Bridge and the old House of the Inquisition there is a contemporary building inaugurated in 2008, sitting on the first walled site.

It has three floors: one dedicated to "Zamora and the medieval cities", with explanatory panels, models, audiovisuals, which delve into the history, characters, origin and evolution of medieval cities and, of course, in Zamora medieval. Another floor is intended for temporary exhibitions, and on the highest floor we can enjoy the "Mirador Zen", a quiet place where you can sit in your armchairs and watch the Duero river through its glass window.

A space for contemplation; "The looker". It is a synthesis of the two other spaces previously presented A reinvention of the audiovisual concept and a place to be quiet, to watch, listen and understand the current and medieval relationship between river and city.


Cuesta de Pizarro, s/n. Zamora. 49026 Zamora.

Telephone: 980 536 240

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