Lying in the north of the province of León, notable features of this landscape include the upper valley of the River Torio, and the rock erosion caused by the action of the river, creating a gorge with steep walls that line the river. Other highlights include Valporquero cave, a magnificent example of a karst formation.

The vegetation is a mix of the typical squat shrubs and bushes that live on the rocky limestone slopes. The forests, made up mainly of beech trees, are home to a wealth of fauna including the Pyrenean desman, lizards, wolves and two insects of particular interest: the Cerambyx cerdo (great capricorn beetle)and the Geomalacus maculosus (kerry slug). At the bottom of the valley nestles a gallery forest of willow and poplar trees. A rich natural environment whose beauty will surprise and delight.

Enviromental Areas

Wolf, deer, roe deer, wild boar, otter, wildcat, badger, pyrenean desman, golden eagle, short-toed eagle and booted eagle, goshawk, buzzard, bee-eater and partridge.
Old mountain massifs dominated by Palaeozoic and Triassic and Jurassic materials.
Forests of beech, Quercus pyrenaica (rebollo), birch, holly and scot pine. Botanical endemisms.



Category: Natural Space

Municipalities in the province of León:
  • Cármenes,
  • Matallana de Torío,
  • Valdepiélago,
  • Vegacervera