The small pine forest of Hoyocasero is situated to the South of the province of Ávila and in the depression opened by the river Alberche in between the sierras of Gredos and Paramera.

Its ecological interest lies in the fact this forest contains plant species which are typical of the Eurosiberian, Mediterranean and mountain biographical regions. The dominant tree species is the Scots pine, of which there are some excellent examples.

The pine forest is surrounded by a belt of Pyrenean oaks. The high scientific interest of the pine forest is increased by the beautiful landscape in which it is set.

Enviromental Areas

Great number of forest species which find refuge in the woods.
Spur of the Sierra de Gredos.
Scots pine wood with clumps of Pyrenean oak, with numerous endemic Euro-Siberian species


Category: Natural Space (143 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Ávila:
  • Hoyocasero