The Ancares mountain range lies in the northwest of the province of León, bordering with Lugo and Asturias. The landscape is characterised by mountainous areas that rise up to more than 1,500 metres, combined with other flatter zones in a setting where the ice has played a creative role in the formation of glacial valleys, small cirques and lagoons.

This is a rolling landscape of peaks and valleys, river and vegetation that still reflects the traditional way of life with examples of the typical local architecture, known as pallozas. These circular or elliptical thatched dwellings are made of stone and are of Celtic origin.

This space, one of Europe’s least-known natural areas and also one of the best-conserved thanks to the care and protection afforded by its inhabitants, is dotted with birch woods, and is home to the short-toed snake eagle. Visitors can admire the breathtaking landscape whilst enjoying nature sports such as hiking, cycling, horse-riding, hunting and fishing. All against a magnificent backdrop where time seems to take on a slower pace.

Visitor Centre

Grouse Center

It provides an overview of the Park and the numerous options available to visitors. A superb audio visual installation takes us on a journey through the seasons, offering an insight into natural living landscapes of the Upper Sil, whose forests are home to a fascinating flora and fauna, including the brown bear and the Cantabrian capercaillie. The centre also offers a detailed vision of the topography and the geological and paleontological history of the region, as well as its principal natural habitats, from the mountain ranges to the low-lying valleys.

Address: C/ Real, s/n. Caboalles de Arriba (Villablino). 24111 León.

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Enviromental Areas

Bear, capercaillie in the high Sil, roe deer, goats, chamois and wolves.
Striking contrast between the peaks carved in quartzite and the valleys embedded in slaty lands.
Domain of the bush with some isolated stands of oak and chestnut.



Category: Natural Space (99,185 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of León:
  • Candín,
  • Fabero,
  • Palacios del Sil,
  • Peranzanes,
  • Páramo del Sil,
  • Vega de Espinareda,
  • Villablino,
  • Villafranca del Bierzo