The Urbión mountain range traces a skyline of soaring, rugged mountains that form part of the Central Sierra, rising up proudly over the northern area of Soria.

The most striking features of the Urbión mountain range are the Scots pine forests. The upper forest regions boast majestic ancient pine trees with twisted trunks leading to an open landscape where the pine trees stand out against a backdrop of moorland dotted with juniper trees and blueberry bushes. In the higher areas, covering glacial basins, lagoons and wind-swept crests, visitors will discover a wealth of well-conserved mountain habitats of considerable environmental and biological interest.

The magnificent landscape invites visitors to explore the paths and trails, making their way up to the peak known as Muela de Urbión, at a height of almost 2,300 metres, forming a privileged viewpoint overlooking one of Spain’s largest and most important forest masses.

Enviromental Areas

In the natural area are represented some of the most varied species of wildlife regional: wolf, wildcat, golden eagle, Eurasian sparrow hawk, deer, roe deer, grey partridge, European mink, water pipit, Alpine accentor and bluethroat.
Mountainous escarpments without vegetation due to glacial action and erosion on the summits. Abundant plant cover on hillsides and in valleys. Groups of glacial lakes, such as Laguna Negra.
Extensive mass of pine, with beech woods and melojares. Black pine, juniper and holly forests.



Category: Natural Park (63,644 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Soria:
  • Almarza,
  • Arévalo de la Sierra,
  • Covaleda,
  • Duruelo de la Sierra,
  • Montenegro de Cameros,
  • La Póveda de Soria,
  • Rollamienta,
  • El Royo,
  • Salduero
  • Santa Cruz de Yanguas,
  • Sotillo del Rincón,
  • Valdeavellano de Tera,
  • Villar del Ala,
  • Villar del Río,
  • Vinuesa