Parallel and to the North of the Sierra de Gredos are two groups of mountains, of which the sierras of La Paramera and La Serrota stand out in particular. Their highest peaks reach about 2,300 metres and they still contain elements that remind us of the intense erosion caused by Quaternary glaciers.

These sierras in the province of Ávila still preserve sizeable groves of Pyrenean oak, and their slopes provide the sources of three important rivers: the Adaja, which runs through Valle Amblés, the Alberche and the Corneja. La Serrota also has an exclusive endemic species: the Acanthorrhinum rivas-martinezii. In terms of fauna, the golden eagle is an especially notable inhabitant.

Enviromental Areas

Bird of prey colonies of great interest from a fauna viewpoint.
Varied topography, moulded principally by Quaternary ice and pre-glacial processes. Large contrast between mountain peaks and smooth curved valleys.
Some groves of Pyrenean oaks. Mountain pastures, juniper shrubs and broom.



Category: Natural Space (22,358 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Ávila:
  • Casas del Puerto,
  • Cepeda la Mora,
  • Garganta del Villar,
  • La Hija de Dios,
  • Mengamuñoz,
  • Mironcillo,
  • Muñotello,
  • Narros del Puerto,
  • Navacepedilla de Corneja,
  • Navalacruz,
  • Navalmoral,
  • Navarredondilla,
  • Pradosegar,
  • Riofrío,
  • San Juan del Molinillo,
  • Solosancho,
  • Sotalbo,
  • Villafranca de la Sierra,
  • Villatoro