The food and wine route by Arribes del Duero crosses the provinces of Zamora and Salamanca, marking the border with Portugal. It is a territory characterized by the terraces where vineyards are cultivated.

The area has a Mediterranean microclimate, making possible the cultivation and the production of high quality oil, as well as orange trees. Products such as river fishes and pond fishes (barbel, tench, freshwater eels, or sarda) prepared always fried with olive oil, along with other foreigners such as conger eel and pilchards, which are made marinated with paprika, converge in the table. Octopus is also part of this range of marine products and stands out especially in grape harvest and winter, accompanied by potatoes or more rarely with rice; crabs have also a place in the recipes of Arribes with sauté of onion and tomato.

Finally, we can not cite cod, accompanied by ratatouille with peppers or cooked with garlic, oil and peppers, potatoes and boiled egg. The starters include mashed or meneadas potatoes, pinto beans with rice, garlic soup with the peculiarity that the garlic is cooked, not fried. Meats include cold meats of Iberian or white pork, bovine from the sayaguesa and morucha races, cuchifrito piglet and kid or lamb roasted or stewed with almonds.

As desserts, in pastry stands out, ‘periquillo’ and ‘perronillas’ throughout the year, but also cooked in red wine pears, cherries in brandy, oranges in season and the cheeses of goat or sheep of the Denomination of Origin ‘Queso Zamorano’ and the Marca de Garantia (brand of guarantee) ‘Queso Arribes de Salamanca’.

Along with beef, the wines of the Arribes Denomination of Origin (which includes the southwest of Zamorano and the northwest of Salamanca) are perhaps the other great food and wine wealth of this area. In Arribes del Duero there are some especially favorable ecological conditions for the cultivation of the vineyard.


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