The fundamental thing about Toro gastronomy is the quality of its agricultural products, together with the fact that it is a well-connected and passing place, which is why it has always had products from other sources such as fish, which has an important specific weight in the regional recipe book, as well as the pork products, whose sausages are essential on the Tores tables: chorizos, loins and chichas (picadillo) make an excellent start to the meal.

Legumes are essential in the regional cookbook, with some great chickpeas that make stew one of their most important dishes. Garlic is a highly valued crop and an indispensable condiment in this kitchen, especially in two dishes: garlic soups, humble but comforting, and cod with garlic arriero, where paprika and potato together are equally protagonists. The vegetable garden of these lands also produces excellent asparagus and vegetables, and when it comes to roasts, suckling lamb takes on special relevance alongside suckling pig, here called tostón.

The convents and monasteries provide the area with a rich and varied confectionery and also with liqueurs. For its part, sheep cheese within the Zamorano Cheese Designation of Origin is a good element to start or end a meal, and in season you can taste its excellent fruits, such as cermeños, cherries and sour cherries.

The history of the city of Toro and the wine go together as a perfect marriage. Toro wines were in the first vessels of the discovery, and remained during colonization until vines were planted there, Toro's ink set foot on American soil in 1492. Today it is a consolidated designation of origin, with highly appreciated and honored wines. year after year.


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