Caldas de Luna Spa offers visitors spectacular views of the River Luna waterfall, and the chance to benefit from the magnificent hot mineral springs that led to the creation of this spa resort.

Waters and Treatments

Medicinal waters:
  • Bicarbonated Waters,
  • Calcium-rich waters,
  • Magnesium rich waters,
  • Sulphur-rich waters
Therapeutic treatments:
  • Dermatological treatments,
  • Digestive treatments,
  • Nervous system or relaxation treatments,
  • Kidney treatments,
  • Respiratory treatments
Thermal techniques:
  • Sprays,
  • Baths,
  • Water or thermal jets,
  • Thermal water circuit,
  • Showers,
  • Mud treatments,
  • Steam room
Complementary techniques:
  • Seaweed body wraps,
  • Paraffin mud treatments,
  • Beauty treatments


Camino Balneario s/n. Sena de Luna. 24146 León.

Telephone: 987 594 066