Proyecto Eurovelo 1Proyecto Eurovelo 1

EuroVelo, the European cycle route network, is an initiative set up by the Belgium-based European Cyclists' Federation. Its objective is to create a Europe-wide network of 15 long distance cycle routes covering 70,000 kilometres that will connect the entire European continent by 2020. The routes are based on both existing and newly-designed itineraries, favouring connections between the various routes wherever possible.

The Junta de Castilla y León's Regional Ministry of Culture and Tourism is currently working on the reconditioning and promotion of EuroVelo Route 1 within the framework of the ERDF project. Known as the Atlantic Coast Route, it extends from North Cape in Norway, to Sagres in Portugal and covers 8,168 kilometres.

A total of 19 members from 6 different countries are involved in this project: Norway, Belgium, France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, and 5 of Spain's Autonomous Communities - Navarre, La Rioja, Castilla y León, Extremadura and Andalusia -, as well as the Silver Trail City Cooperation Network Association.

The aim of the Junta de Castilla y León's involvement in this project is to secure European support for the promotion of 4 of the Autonomous Community's major tourist resources on the EuroVelo 1 route, namely the French Way of the Pilgrims' Route to Santiago, Castilla Canal, the Duero Route and the Silver Trail, which together boast a wealth of historical and artistic sites, a rich industrial heritage, countless food and wine as well as environmental resources, and an extensive range of active and adventure tourism options