Si tienes más de 6 años, te gustan los cuentos y el inglés, te invitamos a la biblioteca para que disfrutes un sábado al mes con los cuentos en inglés impartidos por Proala.

13 de marzo: How to find your magic powers. Have you ever found something mysterious? Has something unusual ever happened to you and you don’t know why? Maybe you have magic powers. Come to San Juan’s Library and discover your magic powers. But remember: you must keep it secret…

27 marzo: The world upside down. The prince always saves the princess, witches are always bad people who want to poison the king, the frog always becomes a prince with a kiss… But maybe not this time. In this case the princess is strong and brave, the witch is not as bad as we think and the frog doesn’t need a kiss. Come to San Juan’s Library and rediscover the classical tales!

8 de mayo: Time travelling. We are going to embark in an adventure to different times in history, and learn about civilization in the past all over the world. So if you like to learn about history in a fun way come and going us.

22 de mayo: Animals. Would you like to learn all about animals? If so this is the perfect chance for you to come with us, as we are going to talk about so many different species.

5 de junio: Fun Summer adventures. Summer is the best time of the year, there is no school so you have a lot of free time and the weather is great. If you want I could tell you some of the most interesting times I've had in different places during summer.

Protocolo COVID-19:

  • Lugar: Sala polivalente de la Biblioteca. Entrada por el patio de la calle Cardenal Benlloch.
  • Entrada libre hasta completar el aforo máximo permitido. La apertura de puertas se realizará 15 minutos antes del comienzo del espectáculo.
  • Uso obligatorio de mascarilla. Aplicación del gel hidroalcohólico al entrar.
  • Respetar la colocación de las sillas.


8 de mayo de 2021



Biblioteca Pública de Burgos - Plaza San Juan, s/n. Municipio de Burgos. 09004 Burgos.