The Azud de Riolobos is a recently created artificial swamp built with the aim of supplying water to existing irrigation projects in an area of the Tierra de Peñaranda region. The enclave, steppe and with 3 nearby rural centers, is an area of influence mainly cereal with some islands of small pine forests, poplar and oak. In a few years, naturally, it has become a privileged enclave for the reproduction and observation of birds.
The swamp can be surrounded on its entire perimeter by a road, paved for almost its entire length, which passes over the containment dam and allows access to the Duero Hydrographic Confederation town and to the filling and drainage channels, and communicates with the two farmhouses located near its banks: Riolobos and Pedrezuela de San Bricio.


El Campo de Peñaranda. 37317 Salamanca.