• Length: 727 kilometers
  • Provinces that it crosses: Soria, Burgos, Valladolid, Zamora and Salamanca
  • Direction: East - West


This route follows as a backbone the course of the Douro River throughout the entire region, from practically its source in the Sierra de Urbión, to the crossing of the border with Portugal in the Arribes del Duero and, much of its route coincides with the Duero River Nature Trail.

It highlights the large number of Assets of Cultural Interest (294) and the immense contrast of landscapes through which it passes, from the trails through the green and dense forests of the Soria region of Pinares, to the infinite tracks between extensive vineyards and lonely roads through the mountains adjacent to Portugal.

 Archivo Comprimido Tracks Ruta del Duero (472.5 KB)