Fermoselle is situated in the province of Zamora, where the Tormes flows into the Duero. A strategic location that has been the site of Roman, Visigoth and Moorish settlements and one of the most productive areas of Castile.

Remains of the historic town wall and gate can still be seen today. Perched above the town is the castle built by Urraca, a magnificent balcony overlooking the Duero where visitors can still admire the ruins of the keep and a number of rooms.

The steep narrow streets of the town are lined with modest houses that blend in perfectly with their setting. This is a town of squares, both old and new, and churches such as those of Santa Coloma, La Asunción, San Albin, or the Chapel of La Soledad, La Cruz, a shrine which may date back to pre-Christian days, and the Convent of San Francsico. Cobbled streets that reveal delightful spots at every turn, where the semi-circular arches provide access to the wineries. A place of history, wine and superb scenery.