The Urban Park of Portas do Corno de Bico lies just 8 km from the Corno de Bico Protected Area. The park is a haven for biodiversity in Paredes de Coura, where visitors can see 10 different species of Quercus, some of them indigenous and others adapted to the Portuguese climate, that is, visitors can see the existing diversity within the same Quercus type. These species are found among many others, forming a fresh, natural and leafy space. Besides contacting with nature, visitors can also enjoy the park’s fitness tracks for exercising and enjoying an active life. Discover this leisure and sports site!


Category: Paisaje protegido (2,070 ha.)

Municipalities in the province of Viana do Castelo:
  • Paredes de Coura

Address: Av. Cónego Bernardo Chouzal 252 4940-520 Paredes de Coura