The Castro de la Corona de Corporales, in Truchas, León, is a Site of Cultural Interest with the category of Archaeological Zone. It is located to the northeast of the town of Corporales and to the east of the Arroyo del Manzanal, in the upper part of the Eria valley, in the access area to La Cabrera. This site is also known as Las Coronas or Castro de Pedredo, and is located on a hill. The first news about this fort is related to several archaeological prospecting campaigns carried out in 1977, in order to study the Roman gold mining in the region. Some structures are recognized in this location, among which the moat that surrounds the site stands out -the only defensive element detected so far-, a work excavated in the slate rock that at its maximum points reaches up to 15 meters wide and a depth around 13 meters. Towards the northeast it acquires its greatest depth, since it is precisely in this sector where an elbow entrance is detected that communicated with the pit itself. The town reveals an organization based on units or small nuclei of grouped constructions that configure occupation units made up of dwellings, patios, warehouses and workshops.

It follows that it is a castreño habitat with defensive structures corresponding to the Iron Age, which was occupied between the 2nd and 1st centuries BC. C. It has been assumed a correspondence with the Asturian population that exploited the mountain mining resources that, at the same time, offered sites with safer positions against the Roman advance. Be that as it may, both the urban elements and the materials point to the existence of a cultural environment characterized by a relative isolation, on the other hand, typical of the people who live in mountain areas.

The enormous interest of La Corona lies in constituting a fundamental milestone in the understanding of the cultural tradition of the Asturian settlers and their way of occupying and exploiting their territories, an issue that would be endorsed by its relationship with the neighboring sites that allow us to recognize the sequence occupational and cultural characteristics of this territory from the time before the Roman conquest until the end of the high imperial era, basically made up of habitats created based on the extraction of metallic resources from the area.

Historical Data

Archaeology site
Neolithic fortified settlement
Historical Period:
Iron Age


Corporales (Barjas). 24740 León.

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