The village spans from the Bronze Age to the Visigoth times. The second Iron Age and the Roman times were the periods of greatest splendor of the settlement, being depopulated in the Visigoth times. The site is composed of Las Quintanas, Carralaceña and Las Ruedas, and located in Padilla de Duero, where the remains of the ancient Vaccaei city of Pintia can be seen.

The Vaccaei became one of the most important Pre-Roman ethnic groups who lived in the central valley of the Duero basin and they settled in the place leaving their trace in these lands with their adobe architecture, the frequent consumption of wines and the extensive cereal farming too.

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Archaeology site
Historical Period:
Celt (Vaccaei), Roman


Padilla de Duero (Peñafiel). 47314 Valladolid.

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Archaeological Hall

Archaeological Hall of Pintia

Shows the pintia site (La Quintana, Carralaceña and Las Ruedas), different cultures, from the historical tribes to the roman era.

Hall with didactic content consisting of reproductions of objects found[...]

Address: Plaza del Coso, 31-32. Peñafiel. 47300 Valladolid.


Telephone: 983 881 526

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