This is one of the world’s most important archaeological sites, questioning previous suppositions regarding the very nature of the evolution of our species, and providing a new perspective to our ’family tree’. Considerations that make Atapuerca fully deserving of its World Heritage status, awarded in 1997.

The tour of the site takes visitors along the ’Railway Trench’ where various fossil sediments were discovered. Access is permitted at several points: the "Sima del Elefante", " Complejo Galería" and the "Gran Dolina". Here fossils of up to five different species were discovered that succeeded one another over time although the most important are those corresponding to the "Homo Antecessor" and the "Homo heidelbergensis". Thanks to these discoveries, evidence has been found for a long and crucial period in the sequence of human evolution in Europe.

The Atapuerca Archaeology Park and the Museum of Human Evolution form a unique and fascinating visit and are the ’Rosetta Stone’ of human evolution in Europe.

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