The Sierra de la Culebra is the only place in the province of Zamora where we find samples of Schematic Art. El Canchal de Melendro is a rock art site framed within the Bronze Age. Located in the town of Linarejos.

The first examples of schematic cave painting found in the province of Zamora are the coats of the Melendro and the Covacha del Portillón where the technique of painting on quartzite supports is used. El Canchal de Melendro does not have many motifs and his paintings are located in the vicinity of the Melendro stream. It has four groups of bars painted in very faded red.

The paintings of the Melendro Coat are to the South of the Portillón pass, in the vicinity of the Melendro Stream. This shelter is oriented to the West, and is 10 m wide. From the Melendro Shelter you can see the Covacha del Portillón, which indicates a certain connection between both sites.

Historical Data

Archaeology site
Cave painting
Historical Period:
Bronze Age


Linarejos (Manzanal de Arriba). 49593 Zamora.

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