They are located in 15 fields around La Alberca called: Canchal de las Cabras Pintás, Canchal del Zarzalón, Canchal de la Umbría del Cristo, Canchal del Águila, Canchales de la Pizarra, Cueva del Cristo, Canchales de Mahoma, Umbría de la Cotorrina, Majadilla de las Torres, Canchal de los Acerones, Corral de Morcilla, Covacho del Pallón, Risco del Ciervo, Canchal de Villita and Canchal de las Torres.

The remains found in the shelters of La Alberca correspond, basically, to schematic art made up of bars, dots, petroglyphs and human figures.

It is possible to identify a scene in which four human figures appear, two of which have plumes of feathers, surrounded by a series of engravings in the stone that follow a horseshoe arrangement.

Abrigo Rupestre en La Alberca - Canchal de la umbría del cristo

Historical Data

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Cave painting
Historical Period:
Neolithic, Chalcolithic


Cabecera del Valle de Lera. La Alberca. 37624 Salamanca.

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