Megalithic tomb shaped as a corridor, with a funeral chamber of more than five meters in diameter that houses the remains of at least 25 people, buried together with their respe4ctive dowry.

It shows a great complexity in the arrangement of the burial mound, which has several concentric rings formed by earth and small stones, surrounded by as many rings of oblique stones as buttresses, with a crown and stony breastplates that delimit, contain and reinforce the earthy barrow.

This dolmen is an unique testimony throughout the province of Valladolid. The megalithic enclosure follows the architectural model of "grave corridor", that is, composed of a corridor of six meters of stones that ends in a funeral chamber covered by stones. The chamber where the corridor ends is circular, with a space of about five meters in diameter.

Dated in an advanced stage of the third phase of the Neolithic. (End of the IV millennium B.C).

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Simancas. Valladolid.

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