A short distance from the depopulated Cuyacabras, is one of the most beautiful exponents of Hispanic hermitism. A little less than a kilometer away, along the forest track that leads to Regumiel, there is a small enclave (the source of the bees), where on the side of the route there is a space to park the vehicle. At this access point, it will be necessary to walk into the pine forest and descend along a path, about 300 m., To the bottom of a small valley.

In a clearing in the forest and on a green plain that irrigates a tiny stream, two rocky mounds emerge that house the cave, oratory and graves of the successive hermits.

The partial collapse of the western mound, the most prominent, has cut into section the artificial hut that served as a dwelling for the anchorite, although it is possible to observe the work done at the bottom of this cavity. In the area of ¿¿access to it, one can see, framed in a double rectangular recess, an enigmatic niche or niche with a double horseshoe arch, which presumably was part of a funerary structure.

However, the most outstanding element of the complex is the splendid horseshoe arch carved in relief that appears on the wall of the eastern block. On the span of said arch the imprint of a great Greek cross, kicked and with a shaft, can be seen. The central cavity, which is observed at the intersection of the arms of the former, reinforces the hypothesis that a metallic cross with similar characteristics was inserted in this place. These elements made up the front or head of the hermit's oratory, a small rectangular room measuring 4 by 2 meters, which was integrated in a coherent way with the space protected by the cave.

Two graves in the form of lateral niches at the foot of this rock and an ovoid box or "bathtub" tomb on the top of the first mound, almost in the axis of the lower funerary structure, constitute the testimonies of a prolonged hermitic activity.

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