Town of remarkable size and occupation that allows to suppose, according to the monumental characteristics of the structures found, that it was an important Roman population body, possibly related to the nearby city of Clunia, capital of ‘Conventus Cluniensis’, placed about 10 kilometers far.

A big building with columned spaces, and a floor with a figurative mosaic where a Triton can be seen, was discovered in 1989. In the course of the excavation several remains of ceramic materials of orange plaster, and fine walls, as well as potteries of greys and black plasters were found.

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Valdeande. 09453 Burgos.

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Municipality of Valdeande. Burgos.

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Archaeological Hall

Archaeological Hall of Ciella

It offers information about site of Ciella and its environment through panels, mockups and a video in which you watch a virtual visit to the villa of Ciella.

Address: Valdeande. Burgos.

Telephone: 947 534 034

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