Pre-Roman boar of the II Iron Age, found in a nearby fort, popularly known as the mare. Located next to the municipality church.

This boar was brought from the nearby town of San Mamede and is known as "La Mula" or "La Yegua", it is believed that it could originate the name of the town, Villardiegua, that is, the Villa de la Yegua.
These "Boars", zoomorphic sculptures from the final stage of the Bronze Age and the beginning of the Iron Age, the work of the Vettones, not only represent pigs, but also other animals such as bulls or mares, as is the case of this sculpture.

There are different hypotheses about their purpose: as landmarks that established the limits of the territory or markers of the pasture area, a cult figure to protect livestock or even some consider them funerary monuments.

Historical Data

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Sculpture / Statue
Historical Period:
Iron Age


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