The tower of this castle is located in the urban center of Hoyales de Roa, keeping only half tower. For the elements which are still preserved it can be assumed that it was formed by four floors, where the second was the main one and a Gothic window highlights. In the last floor there are defensive elements of the ashlar work. The tower, of masonry with blocks in the corners, has walls inside whose thickness is 1.75 meters, filled with stone and lime.

Its current condition is due to its neglect and lack of use. The tower is dated at the end of XV century by its architectural remains, assuming it was raised by Martin Vazquez de Acuña, married with Constanza de Avellaneda, besides lords of Fuentelisendo and Villaster. The tower was built as result of a lawsuit between nobles of the area.

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Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


Hoyales de Roa. 09316 Burgos.

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