Somaen, a strategic place between Medinaceli and Arcos de Jalon, is as old as historical place. Village surrounded by high hills among which stands out the one holding the castle, surrounded by a moat, as a symbol of defence and surveillance.

If we speak about its origins, there are those who attribute it to Arab times, not for nothing they consider that the beginnings of this castle could be in a watchtower, but more accurate seems to date its construction in the XIV century with ashlar, lime and pebble by order of the Count of Medinaceli. Its peculiar tower of elongated pentagonal floor accompanies the rest of the enclosure of irregular shape. No doubt it is an original fort, sample of a less rigid architecture in its shapes, but no less robust. It is currently part of a tourist accommodation.

Historical Data

Castle / Fortress / Watchtower


Somaen (Arcos de Jalón). 42257 Soria.

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